Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year?

Hope you all had a great New Year celebration!

Time for two things - firstly resolutions, and one of mine is definitely to join a local Thames sailing club (doh!). And to do it while continuing to kayak.

Secondly to think of those who haven't had a peaceful break over the holiday season. I was particularly horrified to read this story about a ship being prevented from taking much needed medical supplies to Gaza by being deliberately rammed while in international waters.

So lets hope that 2009 brings the people of that troubled part of the world some of the justice and peace they are so sorely lacking.


Greg and Kris said...

I'm going to be killing time in London January 12-14. Any sailing related activities you can recommend for me?

JP said...

Some ideas:
- London Boat Show:

- Trip down the Thames either upwater to Kew or down to Greenwich see:

- National Maritime Museum also at Greenwich:

- Drink at one of the riverside pubs - eg boathouse or duke's head at Putney (I'll be around if interested)

Greg and Kris said...

Well that's lucky; I'll have to catch the boat show for certain. Probably should go to Greenwich, too, since it figures it so much of what I've read in my life.

Would be great to have a pint, too! Is the Duke's Head at Putney your local?

JP said...

Either the Duke's Head or The Boathouse are equally handy. Let me know what's best for you!

A boat trip to Greenwich is good fun even though its a shame that the Cutty Sark is all boarded up for repairs.

Greg and Kris said...

Dang. Would have loved to see the Cutty Sark.

Thanks for the virtual tour guiding. I think walked past The Boathouse before and for some reason my kiwi mate didn't want to stop. I reckon he'd have his citizenship revoked if word got out about that.

We are staying somewhere near Kensington Olympia; looks like a good walk down to Putney, through Fulham. My email is oshea.greg at gmail. I'll ping you when we get in there next weekend.

JP said...

Yes, big shame about Cutty Sark :(

Apparently the cause of the fire was an old vacuum cleaner left on overnight.

Have emailed.....