Friday, December 12, 2008

Mike or Michelle - the result

So the results are in and its fair to say the poll didn't quite reached the same level of fever as the US election (funny that).

And the winner by a massive three to one majority (or a wafer thin 2 votes - take your pick) was yes, Michelle Golding would get more coverage than Mike.

The low turn out was not because the blog had just four hits in the last week (honest), and could be because some considered that as the answer was obvious it wasn't worth replying.

Maybe some didn't post because there seems to be a strong reluctance to discuss issues where its the men that are disadvantaged. For example today there was a report about how boys from poor backgrounds do the least well in UK schools - significantly worse than girls from the same backgrounds. And yet the education minister was quoted as only worrying about poor children.

That would be a shame: we should be honest about what is going on - not just for fairness sake but also as can be seen in the education example there can be real issues to address.

Then there's the question of why, which is probably too big a topic for this post. While it used to be rare for women to complete in major sailing events, it should be noted that a third of the British entries in the Vende Globe are women - we are not in the days of eighties when Tracy Edwards had significant obstacles in her path: things have changed.

Where things go in the future is hard to say. If the fleet becomes more 50:50 then it would be fairer if the coverage was ditto. But it is possible that that point might not be reached because whatever some say men and women are different (vive la etc) and do not statistically make the same life choices.

As to the photo of Sam, well I've posted it again so clearly I don't have a problem with it. It's not just that's she looks good, but it says more than that to me.

For me its a joie de vivre moment, in which she is flinging her arms out as if to say look at me, I'm alive, I'm here on this boat doing the Vende Globe, its real, the sails are set and pulling, and the sun is warm on my skin.

So I've decided for this race to follow not one but two British entries. My Vende Globe heroes this time round will be both Sam Davies and Mike Golding.

With Mike now placed a notional second, hopefully that achievement will get the attention it deserves.

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