Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Brain Sam In Seventh

What no New Year message you say? Well at least not yet - after all there are several hours to go here in GMT 'till 2009, and those in the Vendee Globe fleet aren't stopping just for a clicking over of the last digit of the year.

However if you haven't seen it, loved this post from seventh placed Sam about the dangers in slow waking up brains - I certainly need my coffee in the morning, and sure I won't be alone tomorrow!

"Did you know that offshore sailors (maybe everyone) actually have two brains? Well, we do! One is a clever brain, that makes all the right decisions, is sensible, tidy, rational and patient; the other is the "stupid brain" that makes silly mistakes, and generally tries to create havoc!

Normally, we exist with the two brains in "synch" and fortunately the clever brain seems to keep the stupid brain in check most of the time! There are, however, small flaws that can cause "hiccups" if not best avoided. The clever brain is not perfect, and it is certainly not a "morning" brain!

It takes a lot of time to wake up and get functioning. Unfortunately, on wake up, the stupid brain is up and running at 100% in a matter of seconds. This stupid brain then tries to persuade you that it is your clever brain so it can get control.....Obviously, lacking the clever brain, (who has pressed "snooze" on its alarm several times by now) you are unable to analyse which brain is in action, and that is where potential disasters can happen!

Thus, the moral of the story is - when you wake up after a little sleep beware of the stupid brain, and wait a bit before trying to do something complicated or making a tactical decision, to give the clever brain time to get going! Just this morning, I made the error of listening to my stupid brain and I gybed too early!

How annoying is that? It's been a long time since I fell into this trap. And if you ever hear me talking rubbish on the "vacation radio" you now know that it is probably because I've just woken up and its my stupid brain talking, not the clever one, so just ignore me!"

And in addition she has broken her mug (above) :(


Anonymous said...

Firstly, Happy New Year, JP

Thanks so much for sharing Sam's post.

I really love the idea of having two brains. I tend to see mine stupid one working when I upgrade software or tweak our website without following instructions precisely or planning the whole operation. My stupid brain then hurries me to make more changes - making the situation much worse:(

I've probably done it at sea as well, but can't think at the moment as it's early on NY's morning!

O Docker said...

Apparently one of her brains speaks French and the other English. How do we determine which is which?

I think the coffee cup already knows.

JP said...

Happy New Year Annie! Hope you had a great time in NY!

I must have two brains too. The smart one however needs coffee to get going while the stupid one doesn't have that addiction, so it is fine in the morning.

Which reminds me, time for another one before get down to doing the holiday chore - the tax :(

O Docker: I think the French one would sound great even if its the stupid brain doing the talking ;)