Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Simply the Best

As another year heads towards its end there's just time for one more Tillerman inspired group writing project. This time it's the ever so modest opportunity to propose which post was "simply the best" of all those in 2008.

Of course this might be rather premature given there are still many posting opportunities before 23:59:59 on the 31/12/2008, but that's a risk that will have to take (even though there's two planned for the holidays that are already drafted which hopefully are worth a read - watch this space!)

Before the excitement of the big announcement (no heckling from the back please), there is time for one important prize - "Best organiser for sailing and boating related blogging group writing projects".

And the winner is (drum roll please)..... Tillerman!

Yes, big thanks to Tillerman for all he's done over the year as the sailing blogging community's favourite grandfather to think up and organise the group writing projects, and then unearth the contributions and actually read them. Ta!

So which contributions is best? Well of course is it really up to me - or should it be the readers? And what is meant by "best"?

What can say is what are my favourites, though will have to end up with short list not just the "one". Its a bit like kids - they are all special.

But the specially special ones for me were the fiction posts. For me they were the best as they were always a lot of fun to write and haven't seen other sailing fictional posts out there so feel am actually bringing something new to the community.

There was the post about when Harry Potter goes sailing and who could forget the sensational news that Tillerman switches to Sunfish shock!

But the top three must be US election related. They say the heart of a good story are the combination of great characters and plot, and boy did the election have both. You really really couldn't have made it up.

So my "Simply the Best" are the three fictional sailing and election posts which were US Candidates Speak out on Sailing, US Election Update, and US Candidates Top Five.

As to which is the best, that's hard!


tillerman said...

Well done. I like your fictional posts too. I'm not aware of any other blogger currently working in this genre (unless you count all the posts on my blog where you might read that I sailed well.)

But Carol Anne of Five O'Clock Somewhere was publishing a novel about sailing and wizards on her blog back in 2005. It was quite a major work, even steamy occasionally. Here is Chapter 8.

Carol Anne said...

Actually, I'm still doing fiction; I just haven't put any on the blog lately. I've been working on a series of mystery novels, and my main character lives on a sailboat in a marina. Meanwhile, there are various other characters hanging around there and the yacht club, such as the egotistical race committee chairman ...

Part of why these aren't going on the blog is that I'm hoping to develop something commercially publishable, and a lot of publishers don't want to publish works that have already been published online. Watch your bookstores for Murder at the Community College, Murder at the Yacht Club, Murder at the Family Reunion, and Murder at the Little Theater, which is what I'm currently struggling with.

Meanwhile, maybe I ought to put up an excerpt or two -- I haven't put any fiction on the blog since "What do You do with a Drunken Sailor."

Odd, the verification word here is adentro, which is Spanish meaning roughly "down the hatch!" Suitable for Chapter 8.