Sunday, December 14, 2008

Switch off the BBC and watch the Vendee online instead

Well Ben Ainslie didn't get BBC Sports Personality of the year. It was a shame but given the low profile of sailing here despite our great achievements maybe not that surprising.

It wasn't helped by the less than supportive introduction that described him as "out there" and then berated him for rapidly getting out of the water after a stunt dip in the English Channel - in November. I'd like to see the BBC presenter "enjoy" a dunking in the winter waters around our islands. Makes you think the Beeb is anti-sailing, that they didn't want Ben to win.

Our greatest Olympic sailor deserved better.

So lets instead go online and watch the Vendee Globe and here are two clips on YouTube worth looking at.

Here is Sam sailing far too close to icebergs with the great quote "and that's not funny":

And here is Mike, still in second place, bouncing between waves in the southern ocean:

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