Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Are mud guards uncool?

This was the Thames path this weekend. What you can't see very clearly is how incredibly muddy it was and how I would have been covered from head to foot without the bike's mud guards.

However I noticed that in the rack downstairs here only one other bike has mud guards. When I bought my bike the shop said they wasn't any demand for them as they were "uncool".

Can't see its that cool to get splattered in mud, but maybe have missed something.


Pat said...

The comparison the leaps to mind is with sport-utility vehicles -- most of them never leave the streets and motorways, but a select few really do spend their time doing truck-like work and playing in the mud and rocks.

O Docker said...

Here's a guy who's something of a local legend and curmudgeon who's also an ardent proponent of mudguards and other practical 'old school' bike stuff.

He builds steel-framed bikes, many patterned after traditional English touring bikes, and has a web site with all kinds of quirky articles, opinions, and goods.

One of his main complaints is that many modern bikes are designed for racing and sold to people whose needs are very different than racers' - including no accomodation for mudguards or practical tires, uh, tyres, sorry.

You may like.

JP said...

Some great tips O Docker on that web site - will have to read when got more time.

One of the things the bike shop said is that people do get the wrong bike - thinking they want mountain bike and then only use it in the city etc.

I guess that's a bit like Pat's SUV analogy.