Sunday, January 04, 2009

What is this?

I do sometimes wonder about this blogging thing. You know - why spend so much time typing away and the connected question of what sort of blog it should be?

And New Years are a good time to be asking these questions again, though like resolutions without necessarily being successful.

Originally (for those with very long memories) this was an everything blog but it became a slightly more focussed sailing blog. But then the problem was that I don't actually do enough sailing to fill the pages, so other stuff crept in, starting with fiction. Then after the move life by the Thames was a theme, followed by kayaking.

But hopefully there was enough watersports related to be part of the wider sailing and kayaking blogging community - which is one intention. And at least one fellow blogger down under is now a good friend "in real life".

I'm aware that friends and family also read this blog and they're not so much into sailing but do like to hear about where I am in my travels. To be honest when off on business trips there usually isn't much time for anything else so might as well let this become a travel blog.

Though funny things do seem to bring people to it. The highest ranking entry page is almost always "Non laser sailor sails laser" but not for the reasons you might think. This page is favoured by Google images due to the picture of my spectacularly bruised upper arm. Fame of sort I suppose. Though who is searching for pictures of "bruises" and why?

Some pictures do seem to keep bring hits - like the photos of Karachi Railway station. Book reviews seem to get some interest. And last last week got a hit from Kabul of all places (hello there) for "Natural Navigation".

Alas no conclusion or change - random ponderings, and would be interested in your views. Its the time of year to make plans and priorities - for holidays and other stuff, though credit crunch means might be less ambitious than previous years.

I have a feeling should do some more fictional stuff - particularly while the freezing temperatures makes outdoor activities less attractive.

ps. This is the last of the posts drafted on one of those long train journeys over Christmas. Might have to start thinking again now. Also its back to work tomorrow (sigh).


O Docker said...

Wouldn't change a thing about your blog, JP.

Your fresh perspective and sometimes quirky choice of subject are spot on. And then, there's that funny language you speak.

Loved the post you did about the WWII London pillbox - a small, grimy structure with a story to tell that's probably overlooked by most passerby.

If you want more Googlers, why not put 'XXX' somewhere in the title of every post?

Imagine how many have found your blog while Googling for 'lap dancing at the Earls Court Boat Show'.

tillerman said...

It is what it is. I think of your blog as one of the top sailing blogs... even though you hardly ever sail. I love the fictional stuff, and the stories about the Thames and kayaking. It's watery enough to be interesting to all sorts of water freaks. Good writing about great subjects will always attract readers.

JP said...

Thanks guys, those comments mean a lot.

I think having a loose terms of reference (to use management speak) is actually a good thing as can go off on tangents if they are of interest.

Also feel that writing is a craft that does take practice - bit like sailing really. So just have to keep plugging away. For example Dicken's novels didn't come out of nowhere - he was writing writing writing as a journalist amongst other trades.

That pillbox is pretty mind blowing - I was waiting for a tube there this weekend and each time it gives me a chill (though of course it was very cold too).

There have been surprisingly few hits on the lap dancing post. Maybe I should have added XXX in white text on white background or something.

Greg and Kris said...

Ha! I just re-read the lap dance post. I replied to that one saying I was gonna be in London and then forgot about it and replied to another. I blame the demon rum for that one.

In any case, I look forward to catching that boat show next week and a pint with the good Captain.

Anonymous said...

Don't you crap out on us JP! It happens to all of us - the annual "Why am I doing thing?" Too many good bloggers like Zephyr and Rule 69.

I for one would miss all that you do, especially the Thames stuff.

Now get back to work :)

JP said...

Ta Adam!

.... and today was a little bit distracted myself at the office from news from the Vendee Globe and elsewhere.

Katinka said...

(Apologies JP, I've been away from blogging a bit lately and so only just read this) I'm not a sailor but I really enjoy your fictional writing, and your travel blogs help make the world a little more accesible for those of us stuck in sleepy little townships in the middle of nowhere :)

Keep blogging!

JP said...

Hi Kat, thanks for the commens and will try to keep those stories coming through (and one day you will be a sailor)