Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The return of the Bike Boat Bloke!

Yes, like the first cuckoo of spring, he's back, the man who bikes up the Thames!

Since last time spotted he's now got an inflatable in tow as well - useful either:

- if your bike boat is moored on a buoy mid stream and you need an inflatable to get to it

- if you should accidentally get tipped over by the wash of a passing boat and that old dry capsize drill doesn't work out as planned


Carol Anne said...

I can think of one other situation in which a "trailer" would be useful ... if you have to carry more cargo than is safe or convenient to put onto the bike boat itself.

JP said...

Thats true - it would be a good place to stash some cold ones

Boating Rob said...

How do you type the 'rolling eyes' emoticon? LOL!

Carol Anne said...

Oh, my, you said "cold ones" in such a way as to violate the front that Brits put up to the world that they like their beer warm. Might you now be accused of treason?

JP said...

Hey, its "room temperature" not warm ;)

Actually that applies only to real ale and is a similar philosophy to red wine, which is that you lose some of the flavour if its too cold. Of course for some strong brews that might be considered an advantage.

But even the royals would have their lager beer cool!