Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last year's Almanac

Recently I spotted this on the shelves of the Putney Waterstones and didn't know if I should be more sorry for it or the bookshop.

Tide and time wait for no one, as they say.

In just a few weeks it will be 2013 - where did the year go?


O Docker said...

Have you read the one two books to the right of the almanac - Ernie Gann's Fate Is The Hunter?

Gann was a sailor, but more notably a commercial pilot and this book is a collection of tales about his flying days. A great read.

JP said...

Thanks - I haven't. Next time I'm in there I'll check it out

Bursledon Blogger said...

I'm still using the 2005 almanac plus an up to date £1.50 tide table - strangely enough all the ports harbours and rivers are pretty much in the same place!!!

JP said...

Actually I've been doing something similar - getting HW Dover / Portsmouth of the web and then using those times with my 2004 almanac.

Maybe I should post asking people how old their almanacs are and trying to find the oldest out there