Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Cracker Joke and a Horrid Fact

You know those jokes within Christmas Crackers are always pretty bad, well here's the one I got this year:

Q: When is a boat like a pile of snow?

A: When its adrift!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ok, a horrible xmas fact for you: according to the BBC news last week, on Christmas day the people of London pour 500 tonnes of Turkey fat down their sinks!

Finally the picture above is of my brand new pirate socks - which I am very pleased with.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


Katinka said...

The pirate socks are great! Can just imagine you in meetings with prospective clients, flashing the skull and cross-bones motif to uh,'motivate' them into signing a contract ;)

ps( that's just gross about the turkey fat - I wonder how much of that grease ends up floating around in the water-ways. Imagining that is almost enough to make roasted tofu sound appealing)

JP said...

Hmmm not a bad idea. That's probably what should have done when last down under:

"Avast there, land lubber, take thee care and sign here or will send thee down the pipes of ol' London Town to clear out the turkey fat!"