Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Admiral of the Port's Challenge

Early this evening I must have presented a strange figure to the spooks of MI6. Just outside the windows of their James Bond style spy HQ they would have seen me wandering around on the mud flats looking towards Westminster, camera in hand.

It was maybe appropriate that I ended up in that spot as it was thanks to the blogger information network that I'd been tipped off that there'd be a host of Thames Waterman Cutter's racing from Westminster to the Westminster Boating Base, just the other side of Vauxhall Bridge, as part of the annual Admiral of the Port's Challenge.

In this case it is luckily not a state secret so can reveal my informant was none other than Chris over at Rowing for Pleasure - many thanks for that top tip!

And it was indeed quite a sight, especially enjoyable in what was a lovely evening with the gulls flying overhead and the waves lapping on the pebbly shore.


ChrisP said...

Thanks for the pics, JP! Brilliant.

JP said...

Well thanks for the tip, would have missed otherwise :)