Friday, June 04, 2010

Thames Trip: A Navigational Hazard

Ok, a story for you: one I cleared with the people involved. But thought it was worth it as it highlights the different priorities that can come on-board a boat.

So imagine the scene: the lock doors open and JP carefully steers the Winnebago Caversham Royal inside, choosing with care a space with plenty of bollards to loop lines around.

JP: Ropes on left please

(it wasn't the moment for "lines" or "port side")

Senior crew: Oh look at those lambs!

Junior crew (chorus): Oh wow! There's another one! Ahhh!

Ship's mates: Be careful children, mind the gap!

JP: Hey people, can we have some ropes please?

Junior crew (various): Oh look at the that one - it's black! Where? There! etc

Ship's mates: Wait for a grown up to help you get on land


In retrospect I regret those exclamation marks. As always boating is a learning experience and this was no exception. Better communication would be a good goal for next time, to avoid having to speak in capitals.

But it did leave me with a thought - would that have happened had I worn the captain's hat?


O Docker said...

I now understand your anxiety about maneuvering the Caversham in close quarters.

Never know when you'll need to make a ewe turn.

Carol Anne said...

Oohhhhh, O!

Pat said...

Was that spoken by a ewe-nicks user?

O Docker said...

Not enough ram.

JP said...

Ewe guys just crack me up :)

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

JP, if you had been wearing your captain's hat, you would have noticed you had been spammed!

JP said...

Thanks Doc, have fixed.

Not sure why it would be wedding spam but there you go