Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Quiz: Why the bale?

Ok a quiz to distract from the England game.

This rather fuzzy photo (must have been water on the lens) from yesterday's Thames paddle is of Barnes bridge and there is a bale of straw hanging underneath: why?


Tillerman said...

According to Byelaw 29 (section 2) of the Port of London Authority’s River Byelaws 1978: “When the headroom of an arch or span is reduced, but still open to traffic, the following signals shall be suspended from the centre of that arch. By night: 1 white light, by day: a bundle of straw large enough to be easily visible.”

JP said...

An answer and before the mid point of the 2nd half of the game .

And yup, Tillerman, you are correct!

Great rule :)

Pat said...

Hay is for horses,
but cows like it too.
Straw is cheaper,
grass is free,
and they pay you
to eat weeds.

Baydog said...

Weed? Was it a little weed?
JP: What do you think of them yanks? They should have gotten the W, don't you think?

JP said...

Baydog: to be honest I was wondering about that line. I know that in very expensive restaurants you can pay to eat what most people consider weeds but that would mean "You pay them to eat weed"

I am just an 'umble Lond'ner

Pat said...

It could have been worse... the headline could have been,
"And now we know where some of the bale-out money has gone" or the even more baleful, "Bale jumps bail and bails from bridge's bailiwick".

bowsprite said...

straw? really: STRAW?!?!? how, uh...resourceful.