Thursday, June 24, 2010

Final Score: iPhone4 0: Kayaking 1

I was going to buy a certain phone today, but the there were long long queues on the shops that had stock and while a technophile am not a true Apple fanboy.

But all was not lost as went kayaking after work. So saved money (a lot) and had an eco friendly pleasant time on the river enjoying a lovely evening, plus also a good upper body work out.



O Docker said...

I was thinking about posting about this, too.

Neither my wife nor I has yet had an iPhone, but I decided to get her one just as the g4 was announced.

We reserved one at the local Apple store a few weeks ago and went in today to pick it up - along with about 800 million other people. The wait time in line - if you'd already reserved one - was about seven hours. There was a second, longer line for those without reservations. At 1:00 pm, the fellow just reaching the front of that line had arrived at 4:30 am.

For a phone.

We had a good laugh, turned around and went home, and ordered one online for shipment to our home in a few weeks.

But, I simply could not believe that thousands of people - at this store alone - were willing to wait in line an entire day for one of these things. And most of the people in line already seemed to have older iPhones.

Maybe when we get the g4, it will be able to explain this phenomenon to us. There must be an app for that.

JP said...

I know, madness.

The problem is my current 16 GB iPhone 3G is full, so really could use a 32 GB iPhone 4. The improved camera would be neat too.

One of the guys in the office got one ordered direct from Apple which arrived yesterday lunchtime.

It is no doubt its a very nice machine, even if there is this hold-it-right-to-make-it-work problem (doh, surely they could have coated the metal with something?)

There is a handy web based stock checker:

Alas almost all stores have run out, but I can wait a week or two.