Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Whitstable Photos

I like Whitstable a lot. Indeed, what is there not to like: its got loads of character, history, a beach, beach huts, great food, famous oysters, easy access to London and of course sailing.

I've just checked the Wikipedia entry and found to my amazement that it's Regatta dates all the way back to 1792 when there were three divisions and 26 entries. A reporter noted that "Much nautical skill was displayed in the maneuvering of the various squadrons. Every hoy, smack, wherry etc. in the vicinity of Whitstable was crowded with company and formed quite a fair upon the ocean"

Well that makes the America's Cup a bit of a brash newcomer!

Anyway, here's a collection of photos from the weekend.


Baydog said...

Oysters. I can't get away from them. I don't want to, either. I had twelve of them in risotto tonight with spinach, wild mushrooms and cream. Low fat and damn good for you....well, delicious anyway.

JP said...

Oysters are great, aren't they? Except once in Australia I had them deep fried in batter with chips: your recipe sounds a lot better.

Mussels too - very low fat and nutritious :)

Baydog said...

JP: Mussels are great too. The best mussels I've ever had were from Santa Barbara. The were about four inches long and super meaty, steamed with white wine, herbs and butter. There I go again!

Cyrille Hydrogene said...

A Shockwave ! Very nice cat. We don't see many of those in Putney...

word verification: pramit. If the whelp doesn't want to walk, pramit !