Monday, August 20, 2012

Buff exposes Bonnie, challenges Tillerman

G'day all! Buff Staysail here! Buff by name and Buff by nature!

The Olympics might have ended but Buff has bounced on to his next assignment, super investigative journo, cracking the tough stories.

And today we have a scoop from a source across the pond. Allegedly Bonnie's level 2 kayaking course involves a little more than the odd brace position.

As can be seen by this EXCLUSIVE video students will be forced to navigate treacherous waters and dodge skull breaking waters!

But it also raised a good question. We hear from Tillerman that the Laser is the ultimate, but could it sail those waters?

I'll buy Mr T a beer of his choice if he'll demonstrate how to sail the Laser between breaking waves and cruel rocks!

This is Buff Staysail, people's champion, setting the agenda, over and out!


bonnie said...

0:53 (and other various spots) - "oooooohmustnotfalloutofboatmustnotfalloutofboatMustStayInBoat!!!!!!"

Looks more like the Orient Point weekend when we suddenly had 15 people in the washing machine at Plum Gut at the same time and going as many different directions as the waves were. Everybody did OK (phew) but TQ and I have been giving a great deal of thought to how to make sure people go into the rough water & come back out in a much more controlled fashion.

People said they had fun, though.

My Level 2 "The Envelope Please" exercise actually worked out to be a good one, there were parts of the class I wasn't thrilled with and will cut down a lot next time, but that wasn't one of 'em!

curran said...


Well, i suppose if your eskimo roll is air tight - then you can handle a little flippy floppy.

But seriously though, these guys should consider getting a surfboard :)

bonnie said...

Surfboard shmurfboard. The Tsunami Rangers LIVE for that stuff! :D

JP said...

The first time you see it you think "they're crazy"

The second time you see it you think "that looks like fun"

The third time you see it you think "how difficult can it be"

I think I should stop watching it now.