Sunday, August 05, 2012

London Olympics: Following the Sailing Online

I remember sitting on the grassy slopes of the Nothe on Friday. In front of me the 49ers were flying across the water, drawing a streaky white line of spray.

But my attention was diverted, as there were others battling courses further out on the waters of Weymouth.

I could follow one on the large screen which showed Big Ben fighting the Great Dane, but what about the Star or Laser Radial classes?

For them it was the iPad (above), using the excellent Olympics results application to track the standings at each mark.

The Navionics app on the iPhone meanwhile was being used to check the tidal flows.

Finally the iThings were also doing Facebook updates and saying hello to those who were watching the streamed video.

Phew! Information overload! Just about found time to take a few photos.

So even if you don't have a ticket for the sailing there are other ways of following the action, and the best option is to watch it "live" on TV.

Good luck to Ben Ainslie, Ian Percy and Bart Simpson!

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