Thursday, August 02, 2012

London Olympics: Buff's Love Boat

G'day all! Buff Staysail here! Buff by name and Buff by nature!

I'm telling you that`s not what I said!

It all started when I discovered I didn't have a press pass. Jeez, how can a top sailing journo such as yours truly, with his own America's Cup TV show, not have a press pass?

Ok, as JP pointed out, I was in good company, what with that Elaine Bunting being in a similar position (must look her up while I'm in Weymouth) but must admit ol' Buff was getting restless in front of that giant screen, even though there was some good stuff about how Alison Young is very fit.

So I did what Buff does best, heading out into Weymouth to sniff out a story. First of course was to discover which pub was best (so I could let Ben know) and what brew could I recommend, and let me tell you that Doom Bar beer is a taste that Buff is warming to!

It was after a pint or two in, well might have been the fifth pub or something, when I had the sort of brainwave that Buff is well known for. Why wait for a press pass? Why not just head out to the sailing and do the interviews on the water?

And there was a vessel to hand, as on the shore front there were pedalos for rent. So sizing the hour I was out there in a flash, full of enthusiasm!

On the way out I did have the odd moment of doubt.

It was a long way to the race course and Buff's a sailor not a sitting down type like the poms. The weather wasn't great, wind, current and waves against me, but I kept my head down and pedalled away.

What kept me warm despite the chilly air was the thought of my pedalo as my studio / interview room. The 2nd seat would soon be filled by a whole range of sailing greats: Alison Young, the Macgregor sisters, Annie Lush, Hannah Mills... and not just Brits, Olivia Price from the lucky country, Anna Tunnicliffe from America...

All of sudden there was this shouting and in front of me there was an entire fleet racing away! I'd made it!

Unfortunately at that point I was intercepted by two police jet skis who asked me what I was up to.

I explained I was a journalist out to interview the athletes to ask them about their fitness campaigns - or at least that's what I would have said.

Alas due to the struggle out there and the chill (and nothing to do with Doom Bar) it might not have come out that clearly, though any suggestions that I said that this was my love boat for the fit sailing girls is clearly nonsense.

Back on land good ol' Sassi confirmed I was on JP's Olympic Coverage Team (Ed: you said what?????) and after signing a declaration not to go on the water during the Olympics was free to go.

It was all a stupid mistake, but makes me sad as the idea of a pedalo as a mobile interview platform still sounds like gold.

Ah well, this is Buff Staysail, over and out!

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