Friday, August 03, 2012

London Olympics: Ian Walker and the sailing family

When down at the Nothe on Monday I found myself sitting in rather a hot spot.

It was during the Elliot match racing, in the last set of races of the day, in which Team GB was up against the Australians.

To my left was relatives of the home team, namely the Macgregor family, while to my right was an enthusiastic group from down under, namely the Price family.

But always the atmosphere on the grassy knoll has had the feel of a family friendly fiesta.

There are representatives from all sailing countries and they've brought with them their supporters, friends and family from all over the world.

You can guess who these support:
Of course there is a huge home crowd, flags at the ready for any opportunity, such as this interview with the Macgregor family, surrounded by friendly group of beaming children:
Towards the end of the day Olympic, America's Cup and Volvo sailor Ian Walker came over to the Macgregor family to wish them luck (top): it was a nice touch.

But there are plenty of nice touches here. Though of course I support Team GB you have to admire the likes of Denmark's Jonas Hogh-Christensen and Ireland's Annalise Murphy, and I'm not alone.

There's a great Olympic spirit here; it really is possible to just enjoy the sight of the world's best sailors showing us how it should be done, beautifully.


Keep Reaching said...

I have been enjoying your blogging on the Olympics and been more than a little jealous.

I was happy to see your comment about Ian Walker - whom I met a couple of times in Abu Dhabi and I was impressed each time at what a gentleman he is - and very down to earth.

JP said...

Thanks, I am loving the Olympics here; wish I could get some more tickets.

Another nice story about Ian: he apologised as he had to leave early, before the last race, because it was his wedding anniversary!