Monday, August 06, 2012

London Olympics: Team JP @ Beach Volleyball

As a break from sailing Team JP went off to see the beach volleyball in Horse Guards Parade. So what did we make of it? JP's reactions first then we'll pass over to Sassi then Buff.

JP: It felt a bit like baby sitting a hyperactive kid on a sugar rush. Whereas sailing you see them round a mark and then can relax for a bit while they make their way downwind / upwind (delete as applicable) with beach volleyball you can never relax.

In fact you barely have a free moment to watch the actual game.

There's music (snatches of), after a Mexican trumpet you're meant to do something (shout, wave hands, forget which), another sound you'd have to do that milking the cow action, there were Mexican waves, stand thumping, dancers, flashing score boards, squeaking announcer, flag waving, cries of "U! S! A!" or "Italia!" depending upon allegiances (and if you don't the announcer will prompt you with a "U! S!" or "Ita!" and expect you to complete it).....

And then, blink, its over.

Of course not a bad way to spend a summer's evening in the centre of London as the view is great, overlooked by the imperial era Foreign Office:
Anyway, Sassi, what did you think:

Sassi: It was fan-tast-ic!! It was go-go-go, beaches, costumes, Rihanna, Arctic Monkeys, we were dancing like Mike Jagger, there was even Kylie and Eurythmics sweet dreams for the oldies.

And the game was fast, full of girl power! No need to remember obscure rules, easy to see who won - USA! Woo hoo!!

Ok, fair enough, so Buff, your reaction:

Buff Staysail: ......

Er? You ok Buff?

Buff Staysail: .....

Sorry, Buff's eyes are glazed and he seems lost for words: maybe that's for the best.

Anyway an enjoyable evening at the London Olympics but needs to take a chill pill or two if you ask me.


my2fish said...

despite all the dancing, singing, flag waving, and chanting... did you at least get to see the whole game? I think NBC here in the good ol' USA only showed me maybe two-thirds of it, and that was 6 or 7 hours delayed.

glad you're able to enjoy the events live and in person!

JP said...

I was there for all of it but can't say I saw all of it.

During the USA vs Italy game there was a Mexican wave that kept on going round and round the stadium which was really distracting.

That sort of thing is ok for pauses between games but didn't seem right during play

my2fish said...

JP, I tend to agree. the wave tends to be really distracting during the play. I get really annoyed with it during (American) football games.