Thursday, August 02, 2012

London Olympics: Lovely Weymouth

Weymouth is one of those hidden gems, locked in a past of old fashioned seaside holidays involving sandcastles on the beach followed by fish and chips.

It has a promenade where there are fortune tellers plus Punch and Judy puppet shows:
Behind the beach are some unspoilt old streets, naturally currently completely covered with Olympic / Team GB bunting:
Pretty much every other shop will sell you clotted cream fudge or bucket and spades, just right for the family holiday.

I remember sailing here some years ago and we'd had a bad night and longed for a real coffee and hunted and hunted and hunted for something that didn't come out of a jar without success. However I'd have thought by now that lapse has been rectified but will check out next time I'm down.

At the heart is the harbour where you'll see the yachts moored up, usually in summer rafted out three or four deep:
I remember we sat on the boat debating which of these pretty houses we liked the best: it was one of those discussions where the answer doesn't matter but the conversation does.

Well worth spending some time exploring this lovely and historic West Country town.

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