Monday, August 13, 2012

London Olympics: The Team JP Closing Ceremony

All good things must come to an end so its time for Team JP to say our goodbyes.

The London Olympics has been AMAZING and the only thing that has been missing was a joined up closing ceremony so we've put our own version forward.

Alas due to a budget shortfall only this high-level overview was produced.

Theme: The London Olympic's Journey

Act I: Prelude to the Games

Soundtrack: Chimes of Big Ben
Stage: Trafalgar Square made of grey blocks
Stadium visuals: grey with red heartbeat pulse
Video: Singapore 2005, opening the envelope

"And the winner is....LONDON"

Soundtrack: Blur - Song #2
Stage: Explodes in fireworks and confetti
Stadium visuals: coloured explosions
Video: Trafalgar Square celebrates

Building the Games

Soundtrack: Girls Aloud - The Promise
Stage: Blocks that make Trafalgar Square are re-arranged into the Olympic Stadium bit by bit
Stadium visuals: workers diggers, nailing things together etc
Video: Timelapse of construction of Olympic site

Opening Ceremony

Soundtrack: Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You
Stage: Blocks become coloured; echos of opening, five rings of fire, Voldemort etc
Stadium visuals: Taken from opening
Video: Highlights of opening, Queen, Bond etc

Act II: The Games

Soundtrack: Tears for Fears - Everyone wants to rule the world
Stage: Setting up the games e.g. putting out markers, lines for finish etc
Stadium visuals: echoing stage
Video: Athletes prepare, limber up, stretch, get ready etc

Soundtrack: Snow Patrol - Run
Stage: Runners doing their thing, acted out, some in the air etc
Stadium visual: legs running etc
Video: Some of the big races, marathon, 100m, 200m, 5,000m, 10,000m etc

Soundtrack: Coldplay - Fix you
Stage: Actors trip each other, fall tired, poles break etc
Stadius visual: running without moving, line gets further away
Video: Athletes in tears, the South Korean fencer refusing to leave, Victoria Pendleton making heart sign etc

Soundtrack: Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Stage: Athletes wave flags, light flares, run arms in air, do that Bolt sign etc
Stadium visuals: stars exploding
Video: Athletes winning and celebrating

Act III: Thanks to Volunteers and Handover to Rio

Soundtrack: The Queen - George Michael - Amazing
Stage: Actors put on those purple jackets and dance etc
Stadium visuals: clapping hands
Video: Collage of the amazing volunteers laughing smiling etc

Soundtrack:  Duran Duran - Rio
Stage: Bring out the samba dancers! Carnival comes to the stadium
Stadium visuals: colourful sketch figures dancing
Video: Collage of Rio's beaches

Speeches, handover of the flag etc. 

The flames go out and lights fade to put stadium into darkness until spot shows.....

Soundtrack:  Spice Girls - Goodbye
Stage: Dancing, lyrically
Stadium visuals: hands waving
Video: The very, very best bits of the London 2012 Olympic Games

- THE END - 


Tillerman said...

FInally NBC showed a sailor!!!!!!!!! About 3 seconds of Ben Ainslie carrying the flag in the closing ceremony, and the commentator even knew who he was (unlike TIm Berners-Lee in the opening ceremony.)

I didn't really care for the rest.

JP said...

Woo hoo NBC! #failsless

Nor me - hence the attempt at a re-write.

Tillerman said...

Your version sounds a lot better.

Adam said...

It was mostly a shambolic load of old bollocks with a few glimmers of goodness. Loved Wish You We're Here although the album cover bit was bizarre.

Loved The Who.

I suspect most people had the same reaction

One jumbo curate's egg

Tillerman said...

I went to bed before NBCs vet program came on. I hear The Who were after that. I think part of my problem is that I've been out of the UK for so long that half of the music from the last 50 years means nothing to me.

Who are the Spice Girls?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - yours sounds fab - but I guess anything was going to be a let down in comparison to the opening.

Although I did think that the best bit was the great Eric Idle....

JP said...

The opening was brilliant - can see it and the highlights of the Olympics on DVD as the #1 xmas present