Friday, August 31, 2012

London Paralympics: sold out success

After the brilliance of the London Olympics (watch it all again here) its on with the Paralympics and its already a whopping success.

The Opening Ceremony was amazing (sorry if you haven't seen it), a whirlwind of science, literature, music and ideas, including a boat made out of a umbrella taking Miranda from The Tempest through storms, whales and on to the stars, led by one of the greatest of all minds, Stephen Hawking.

So am I going to the sailing? you might be wondering.

I have a ticket the stadium to see the athletics but the sailing along with everything else is sold out.
But there is another sailing event in the UK this weekend....

Images from: 4OD


theKnittingSailor said...

I missed the majority of the ceremony as I was on the road, but the bit I caught was phenomenal - what a shame it was on a week night?

JP said...

I watched the whole thing on TV though towards the end was flagging and thinking of work the next day - or rather, given it ended post midnight, later on that day.

It must be worked back from the finish which is a Sunday though why I do not know.

Twenty Twelve would have an answer about legacy chronographic synchronisation or something