Thursday, August 09, 2012

London Olympics: Buff loses his shirts

G'day all! Buff Staysail here! Buff by name and Buff by nature!

It's not been the best of days down here on the Nothe in Weymouth.

Even a sailing journo legend like your truly has his work cut out when the wind fails to arrive. Given it was going to be a washout news-wise, I felt JP wouldn't mind if I switched to the hat with CEO Buff Enterprises on its rim.

See I'd come prepared! Here was thousands upon thousands of the world's greatest sailing fans, all looking for the perfect souvenir and what could be better than a "Olympics 2012 - its pure B.S." t-shirt!!

I found a space down by the Weymouth water front and laid out my stall and waited for the rush.

Business was a bit slow at first so I decided to up the game. Given I didn't want the sailing ticket anyhow I offered it as the prize in a lotto draw open to all purchasers of any of the "Total B.S. Weymouth 2012" range of products.

The crowds were just forming when I was man handled by two men in dark suits with matching shades. I could just make out the letters LOCOG engraved on their sunglasses arms.

They confiscated half my stock (surely that's theft? - anyhow no worries, got the other half safe in my B&B) plus my remaining ticket, which was painful as I'd super-glued it to my arm to stop JP pulling rank on me.

So JP it's up to you. Can you put an advert up so lucky punters can get their hands on EXCLUSIVE Buff Staysail Olympics t-shirts?

This is Buff Staysail, bruised but optimistic, over and out.

JP: I was of course going to help ol' Buff but just as I was about to publish a post there was a knock on the door and two polite gentlemen in matching dark suits and shades (and yes, Buff was right, you could just make out LOCOG engraved on the glasses's arms) who advised me that it wasn't in my best interest to do so.

It's a warm evening here in London but let me tell you a shiver went down my spine so alas Buff you're on your own on this one.


O Docker said...

Once again you've worked your usual magic, Buff.

A warm wind seems to find its way to whatever sailing venue you visit.

Buff Staysail said...

You're so right O'Docker, its brilliant weather here in Weymouth.

I'm off to the beach where there's an ice cream with Buff's name on it!

Pa Ul said...

Oh what a shame if he does lost his shirt. This is my blue shirt which I didn't lose yet.

Ozzie said...

Dear Mr Staysail,

on the advice of my lawyer, I am contacting you to seek full compensation for the failure to provide me with my winning ticket. As you are aware, I could not use the ticket as the said ticket ran off with your arm!

Please send cash only to my postal address (you know the one).


Ozzie the Aussie.

Buff Staysail said...

Hi Ozzie,

Its all very well you talking about lawyers but I tell you it wasn't my fault!! - those LOCOG spooks just took it.

What you should do is talk to me old ma, River Park Nursing Home, Brisbane - she'll sort you out no problem. Of course she might try to sell you some tickets to her church raffle, but that's a risk you'll have to take.

Anyway, us Aussies must stick together, right sport?