Friday, August 10, 2012

London Olympics: Sassi says hats off for the Nothe

Hi Guys!

Sassi's been loving it down here on the Nothe! Ok, still can't get my head about all these sailing rules but who cares when the sun's out, the beer's cold and there's Rihanna playing loud.

Big thumbs up to the announcers for making the atmosphere totally Glasto gig-like. Special mention to Hannah for her "I'll stick with boys" comment (*) just beating her colleague's "we all like a bit of roll-play" (**)

After this week's thrills I'm really getting into water sports, so just measure me up for neoprene and I'll be out there!

OMG, the Olympics - missing you already!!

Luv ya!

Sassi xxx

(*) Ed: er, Sassi, in the context of a discussion about the pronunciation of the word "buoy"

(**) Ed: in the context of preparations for match racing.


Tillerman said...

Isn't it great to be able to watch top class sailing from so close up. The Nothe looked every bit as good as Fort Adams where we watched the AC45 racing earlier in the summer.

JP said...

I got a weird feeling at Waterloo this evening. I looked at the pink Olympic sign for Weymouth and realised it will be all over, all in the past, in just a day or so.

It's been great - it is great - but soon the Games will be over.