Thursday, August 30, 2012

North west passage success

I wasn't sure whether to post about the Paralympics Opening Ceremony (good stuff, shame not well broadcast around the world) or on World Rivers Day (as previously blogged) but in the end decided neither after I saw this post from North-west passage on a shoe string.

So congratulations to the crew of Belzebub II, a 31 foot Halberg-Rassy, for successfully completing the north-west passage through the M'Clure straight, the first sail boat to do so.

As their press release stages:

A Passage Through Ice’ Sailing Expedition has just completed the crossing of the infamous M’Clure strait in the Canadian Arctic to become the first sailboat ever to achieve this feat. The international expedition team consisting of Edvin Buregren, Nicolas Peissel and Morgan Peissel have spent the last three months at sea on a 31 foot boat sailing from Newfoundland Canada to Greenland, through the Canadian Arctic to track the depleting polar ice cap and bring awareness to climate change

Impressive stuff particularly given the budget they describe as shoe-string without the full backup that comes from sponsors.

Of course its another sign of the melting Arctic which isn't at all good news.

I've been following their voyage for some time now and my own trip up to the Arctic Circle has just increased my interest in sailing at these high latitudes.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS BELZEBUB AND CREW... for following Captain David Scott Cowper aboard M/V POLAR BOUND through McClure Strait who in reality became the first in 161 years since the original Northwest Passage discovery in 1851 by Captain Robert McClure aboard HMS INVESTIGATOR.

Stay safe!

JP said...

Ok, ok maybe, but expect his boat was a bit bigger than 31 foot.