Monday, March 04, 2013

Back to work

Raising children is hard and takes time.

As often happens even with the most uber of power couples, it really helps if one half of the partnership can take a breather from work to focus on the family. But there comes a time when the kids have grown a bit when its time to pick up the career again.

And so it is with billionaire Kirsty Bertarelli - yes, wife of the AC winner Bertarelli.

One of my favourite sailing trivia question has been what is the connection between the America's Cup and the girl group the All Saints, the answer being that Mrs Bertarelli wrote the group's song Black Coffee about Mr Bertarelli (as posted previously).

As this article puts it:

When the Appleton sisters sing, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else," what the lyrics actually mean is "other than on a yacht with Ernesto Bertarelli".

Now Kirsty has returned to the studio to record an album called "Love is" which includes a duet with Ronan Keating.

So what is the boating angle you might be wondering? Well according to this article she said that:

“I write a lot on the boat although I don’t have a recording studio on it"

What boat is that, you ask? Well only the biggest motor yacht built in the UK, namely the 314ft long, six-deck, £100m Vava II:
So there's another benefit of boating: it helps you get creative.

What have you created onboard your vessel?


Tillerman said...

A significant percentage of 2500 blog posts.

JP said...

Yes, I've been told that it does help when writing a boating blog to actually go boating.

I should try it more often