Friday, March 08, 2013

Five fathoms

To add to Bonnie's songs of walking posts, here's Everything but the Girl walking the streets of London:

I walk the city late at night 
Does everyone here do the same?
There's a river in my head

Updated: I was wondering about the title of this song and my guess its a Tempest reference:

Full fathom five thy father lies; 
Of his bones are coral made; 
Those are pearls that were his eyes; 
Nothing of him that doth fade, 
But doth suffer a sea-change 
Into something rich and strange


bonnie said...

Oh phooey! Blocked in the US on copyright grounds. :(

bonnie said...
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bonnie said...

Here we go, this one's good for the US.

River Deep

Reminds me I really should start carrying my camera & taking pictures during these expeditions!

JP said...

Doh! regional copyrighting is a pain. Thanks for finding the replacement which also works here in the UK

I've noticed that many tracks from that album seem to relate to walking the streets - such as the next one Low Tide of the Night which includes lines like:

Soho in the high tide of the day
And for a while I'm swept away -
I just forget it
I use my walkman when I walk
And I don't talk

Plus Hatfield 1980:

Suburbia, 1 am, you're walking home again
shopping bags and broken glass
I hate going through the underpass
I wish there was some other way around