Saturday, March 23, 2013

Too cold for Pooh Sticks

Its been a cold and chilly week, ending up with a day of sleet and snow.


It's not helped that I've had a yucky cold which meant that had to pull out of last weekend's planned sailing photography course.

Its not the only thing to be the victim of the extended winter we're having (sorry O'Docker).

The Head of the River Race (HORR) was due to be held today and it was cancelled.

But it gets worse, nay, tragic, sadder even than me having to work this weekend.

I'm afraid to say that this year's World Pooh Stick Championship has been cancelled.

Come on spring!


Tillerman said...

Oh no! How can Britain run the Olympics and then let a little bit of rain stop the World Pooh Sticks? Where is your stiff upper lip? Let them wear wellies.

O Docker said...

All is not for naught, JP.

This white mantle we're finding everywhere is making the British countryside look more, well, British.

It's making the wood fires in the hearths of rural pubs warmer, and adding more of a tang to the 'real ales' we're discovering along the way - no more Dutch lagers!

I can't reveal my current location, as it would undermine the upcoming 'Where Am I?' post I'll be putting up soon.

I seem to be recovering from my man cold though, much to my wife's relief. Hope you're improving.

Tillerman said...

Good man. Real ales are the only proven treatment for man colds and English weather.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Are you sure the HoRR wasn't cancelled due to an injunction from some folks up near Lechlade?

JP said...

Tillerman: alas the London 2012 games seem a long time ago. Maybe instead channel the spirit of the wash out Diamond Jubilee?

O'Docker: glad to hear the cold is going, mine seems to be taking its time.

Burlesdon Blogger: it's *the* boat race next weekend so fingers crossed nothing stops it