Saturday, March 09, 2013

WEHORR 2013 plus another type of rowing

Putney Embankment was packed today for the Women's Eight's Head of River Race or WEHORR.

I couldn't of course send Buff due to the restraining order after the "pull fit girl" incident and Sassi, who would have been ideal, went drinking with her twitter chums last night and has only just surfaced.

But fortunately I was passing by on my Saturday run, though I had to slow down quite a bit due to the mass of rowers and their boats:
I wonder if Anna from Something about Rowing was there? Probably not, as her last blog post was about how she has become a bike racer instead .

While the WEHORR was running the river was closed, with a police boat standing guard. So it was good planning by this more traditional rowing boat that passed by earlier in the morning:
I wonder if Chris from Rowing for Pleasure can identify them?


Chris Partridge said...

That is a Thames Waterman's Cutter, Dove of the Tallow Chandlers Company. Based in Putney, I believe.

JP said...

Thanks Chris, knew I'd seem them around before.