Friday, March 01, 2013

How to make a Bronze Age boat

This amazing time lapse shows the construction of a replica of a Bronze Age boat by a joint team from the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth and the University of Exeter.

It is based upon the Dover Boat, said to be the world's oldest known sea going vessel, which has been dated to approximately 3,550 years old.

It had no sail but instead had to be rowed: given its stupendous weight that must have been a lot of hard work.


Tillerman said...

Wait. Are you sure this isn't the super-secret boat being built for Ben Ainslie's 2013 America's Cup challenge?

JP said...

Shss! It's meant to a super secret! A foiling wing cat built out of blighty's best oak!

O Docker said...

These kids today don't know what hard work is.

In the Bronze Age, we were used to working hard if we needed to get somewhere.