Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dreaming of the America's Cup

After yesterday's trip on the old Henley, complete with over powering gas heater, my dreams were of something very different, namely foiling wing-sail super-cats.

Yup, I've started dreaming about the America's Cup.

I'd put together a syndicate (as must be a common dream) and Team JP had our own highly experimental craft dockside in San Francisco

It was a curious design, having borrowed concepts from the Mingming little cruising junk, with multiple wing segments that could be raised and lowered as a junk's sail, allowing reefing.

Alas the shore facilities were poor, and so at a bar Larry Ellison and I complained to each other bitterly.

"We should do something" we said loudly over our beers, "starting with a law suit."

Obviously, given he had a legal team all ready and waiting, I suggested that this could be something he could look after, and so it was agreed.

Out on the waters things were hotting up. The Team JP design was proving a winner as we led the chase to windward, but then things fell apart as we hit the mark.

What to do? How does one do a penalty turn in something souped up where the only way to stop seems to nose dive into wave?

Anywhere that's where the story ends, as puzzled by what to do next I woke up.

Apparently Buff has a tall story about what happens to experimental foiling wingsails outside America's Cup competitions & if there was any interest I could tell it

Have you any good sailing dreams?


Tillerman said...

Funny you should ask. I was dreaming last night that I was at some major Laser event where we all had charter boats. There were so many people lining up to check out their charter boats on the first day that I waited for the second day. But then everyone else had left with their boats. (Apparently the regatta was actually somewhere else which makes no sense at all.) I was thinking that there wouldn't be a boat left for me and that they wouldn't let me pay with a credit card and that I had no way to transport my boat to the regatta anyway. Don't think I ever did get around to picking up my boat.

Maybe I was dreaming of the Masters Worlds in Oman? I wonder if Sloan will be there?

JP said...

[putting on shrink hat]

Interesting... interesting....

[putting hands together in that position where the fingertips just touch]

... we have a deep seated anxiety about being excluded from Laser competitions, do we not? And subconsciously we are thinking that maybe going cruising would avoid this stress?

The doctor suggests a holiday chartering a yacht somewhere warm.

And many, many additional sessions to analyse the implications of this big vs. small boat imagery


O Docker said...

We support Dr. JP's diagnosis. There is strong evidence of a classic approach-avoidance conflict.

As what you perceive to be a desired goal seems within reach, you experience heightened anxiety. Are your fears accompanied by chills and a gasping for breath?

A warm climate and non-stressful surroundings could prove therapeutic.