Monday, March 11, 2013

Sailing and committment

Over the years I've tried my hand at many types of vessel, some of which are shown above. Sailing boats, big and small, classic and modern, plus the odd motor boat and not forgetting those kayak trips on the Thames and Wandle.

I have spent time recently wondering if I should buy rather than borrow or beg my place afloat. I see those other bloggers that have boats and ask whether I too should have something that was mine alone, to sail when and where I wished.

I can't help but be impressed at their dedication, out in all weathers to get that rolling gybe just right, or fixing that dodgy electrical system.

That takes commitment - a decision, that yes, this is the one for me, something I find hard to do.

Yes there are reasons. London is known for many things - concerts, galleries, architecture, history, restaurants, pubs and clubs, to name but a few - but marinas are not on the list.

But is that an explanation or an excuse? Is it a coincidence that the likes of Tillerman, who shows not just commitment but dedication to the art and science of the Laser, is accompanied to warmer climes with a Mrs T?

Is there character information to be gleamed from a sailor's choices - are those more likely be joined with a life partner also likely to identify and remain true to their choice of vessel?


Tillerman said...

Well Tillerwoman didn't agree to marry me because I had a Laser (because I didn't back then) and I don't think she has stuck with me for 40 years because I have a Laser (unless sailing a Laser has enabled me to be slightly less grumpy than I otherwise would be.)

But you raise an interesting point. Is there something in a person's personality or character that makes them commit to boat ownership or lifelong participation in a particular sport which is related to the commitment required in a lifelong relationship?


I can see parallels...

The feeling when you first meet (the boat or the girl) that gives you goosebumps and makes you think that "this could be the one for me."

The realization as you get to know each other better that this really is "the one."

The choice over the years to commit to staying with the same boat or the same wife because you know that that is where long term happiness lies.

Whereas others may have a different personality that likes to try many pleasures in life without ever feeling a strong need to focus on any one in particular.

JP said...

More data needed! Otherwise it would be like school physics where two data points are enough to "prove" a linear relationship between two variables

Bursledon Blogger said...

Well Mrs BB introduced herself to me by inviting herself to go sailing with me, since then we've had 5 different yachts, various small boats but only 1 wife -
We're still sailing together and with the new crew on board that seems even more important
guess I just haven't met the right boat yet.