Sunday, March 24, 2013

Brad Pitt and Noam Chomski go sailing!

Hi guys!

Sassi's got a story to warm your cockles even on this snowy Sunday - Brad Pitt has bought a yacht! And it's the sort that even JP would approve, something called a "schooner", a classic sailing boat 75 feet long.

Can't you just imagine it? The turquoise blue of the water off Cannes, and under a glowing sun along sails Brad, Jolie and their lovely children with perfect smiles, tans and haircuts!! I'm feeling warm all over already!

So why no photo of the world's most beautiful couple you ask?

Well of course it's all JP's fault. He found out that some old geezer called Noam Chomski (???) "loves sailing" and used to own a fleet of boats.

Then he found this picture of Noam Chomsky sailing with another bloke not on Sassi's radar, namely Norman Finkelstein and insisted that I put it up.

I found their books on JP's shelves and had a flick through and what a yawn!

Forget that: if Sassi goes nautical what she wants is Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen!!

Luv ya!

Sassi xxx

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