Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wildlife of Greenland

A recent report into the world's wilderness showed a dramatic reduction, under attack by humanity's ever spreading presence.

But East Greenland is one of those areas that is still mostly untouched and there is a fair amount of wildlife to see, such as the polar bear above and below:
We also saw quite a lot of muskox:
They always seemed rather sad at their lot: wandering around the freezing wilds, eating the sparse shrubs and under threat of attack from polar bears.

There were also quite a lot of Arctic hare which seemed more chilled:
The seals seemed curious as to what we were doing, though also rather good at diving just as had the camera pointing in the right direction:
There were quite a variety of birds, though I'm not really an expert on types:
Some saw narwhal, but all I really saw were some blobs on the water without resolving exactly what they were.

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