Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tonight the sky over London is clear, and Selene is gracing us with her silver image.

For high and bright in the sky is the moon, large and full. We are seeing our companion close up, and she is looking beautiful.


my2fish said...

jp, that's a beautiful photo. I saw the moon last night, and thought about setting up my camera and tripod for a few shots, but I've developed a nasty head cold, and didn't think spending a long time out in below freezing temperatures would help me out anyway.

again, great photo!

cheers, my2fish

JP said...

er, confession....

Yup, I did set up the tripod but the exposure in the photo was all wrong and it was just a white blog.

This is from wikipedia.

my2fish said...

this was one of my better ones from the lunar eclipse about a year ago.
my lunar eclipse pic
living in a suburb of Detroit, there was a lot of light pollution to deal with. I took a TON of shots, though, trying to fiddle with the settings. it was quite hard to check results on my tiny LCD screen, though, so most didn't turn out so well.


JP said...

Congrats - great picture!

Its inspired me to have another go next time the geometry and sky is right.