Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome one and all to 2010.

Now that's a year that rolls off the tongue well. I wonder what it will bring?

Anyone with interesting New Year Resolutions out there?


bonnie said...

The only New Year's Resolution I ever made that stuck was "I resolve never to make a New Year's Resolution again". Somehow I recall having to do them for school or something, and the resolutions were more the things I thought other people would think I should do, and I never ever ever kept them.

That being said, I do have two goals I'd like to achieve in 2010 -

1. I want to get myself back to Hawaii for my 25th high school reunion.

2. I want to get my work situation back under enough control that I can get out sailing or kayaking after work once or twice a week during the summer.

JP said...

Two good resolutions.

I went to my university college re-union last year and really enjoyed it - and Hawaii must make that unmissable.

The work/life balance thing is worthy of a post on its own...

Pat said...

Sail more, get rid of some junk, get rid of some pounds, sell a boat, buy a boat, take a CPR class... mostly do-able resolutions

JP said...

Good resolutions.... and good blogging material too.

I have a course want to do as well....