Thursday, January 14, 2010

Greg, Kris and the Duke's Head

It was a cold and snowy evening when caught up with Greg and Kris at Adam's favourite pub, namely the Duke's Head on Putney embankment (above) .

I was a bit worried about the length of the walk there but felt the atmosphere, food and view of the river from this great pub would make up for it. However they wisely took a cab back which magically appeared just as they were waiting.

And a very nice evening it was too - so thanks to Greg and Kris for giving up some of their busy schedule!


Jolea said...

YAY! I love having drinks with Greg and Kris!!!

Greg and Kris said...

Thanks to you, JP, because you're obviously much harder working and so patient to put with obnoxious American cousins.

Our tour of the South Bank of The Thames is progressing ever so slowly, yet ever so delightfully!

Man, I'm starting to talk like these people.

Turinas said...

Bummed I wasn't there too! A great pub with great atmosphere. I am sure the company was excellent. Next trip for sure!

Carol Anne said...

Going to have to add the Duke's Head to my list of must-dos for the next time I'm in that part of the world -- whenever that might be.

JP said...

Great to see you Greg and Kris!

Jolea, Adam and Carol Anne, you missed a good evening.