Wednesday, January 06, 2010

London becomes Narnia

I must rush to defend Blighty from attack. Over on the Bursledon Blog Tillerman says that the US is better than the UK at:

a) baseball
b) fast food
c) coping with a few inches of snow.

Right, here we go, over the top, into battle:

a) So? we've grown ups and no longer need to play rounders let along watch it
b) Huh! I've never had on the other side of the pond kebabs charcoal grilled, hand ground burgers or pizza with real Italian base like we get here (hurrah for the foodie revolution)
c) bother! In the timeless words of Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Run away!!!

For alas Mr T might have a point. It is truly ridiculous that about a cm of snow could grind the capital to a near halt.

Having said that that the coating has made London stunningly beautiful, suburbs turned to white crystal as if Narnia has jumped through the wardrobe into our city.

Of course Narnia has the wicked White Witch to worry about. And here too there is a jingling coming towards us all, an ancient enemy that brings woe where ever it goes.

Yes its the tax man, distributing notices reminding us about online filing and payment deadlines.

And not even some Turkish Delight to soften the blow!


O Docker said...

If it's of any consolation, JP, we're not entirely expert at managing the hard stuff.

I spent some years in the capital city of our state of Jersey, which we call New Jersey owing to there already having been a place of that name somewhere else - although I can't remember where - when we named this one.

One fateful winter, a wet, heavy snow engulfed the town on a holiday and, to save on overtime, the town fathers decided not to act immediately. A hard freeze set in, covering everything in a thick, 'black' ice that made streets impassable. It stayed that way for weeks.

On the next snow, thinking they would avoid a similar embarassment, they declared the entire town 'closed' to all traffic so that they could tidy up. The story of the town that a few inches of snow had 'closed' made the national wires, and gave me yet another reason to eventually move to California.

JP said...

One problem this morning is that the snow melted during yesterday and then froze overnight as a lethal layer of black ice.

I could argue that its not cold enough here, but on 2nd thoughts maybe that isn't such a good idea!

Bursledon Blogger said...

JP - we're in much the same mess - despite living 400 yards from the sea, the snow has frozen,

the only snow plough down these parts is the one they use for smoothing off the beaches and all the salt went on the fish and chips!!


ChrisP said...

Even California is not exempt. I was in San Diego once when it hailed. The local radio guy didn't even have a word for it - he just said 'the rain is frozen!". Motorists didn't have the skills to cope and were sliding off the road everywhere. It was complete chaos.

Pat said...

Snow management skills are local.

Albuquerque gets snow only a few times a year and every winter has a quota of inexperienced motorists who can't cope. Some higher-altitude towns in northern New Mexico are snowbound much of the year and consequently produce more competent winter motorists.

Or, as we joke about Californians,
California doesn't have so many bad drivers because the worst ones have been killed off.

JP said...

Max: Even in the heat bubble of London by the Thames the river path is covered in black ice. And the forecast is sub-zero nights for the week ahead.

Chris: hail in San Diego - that must have been one for the record books!

Pat: it looks pretty warm where were sailing yesterday but as you say if you live in the mountains you get used to snow.

Joe said...

What's snow?

Carol Anne said...

Now longing not only for mince pies but also Turkish Delight. Even before the foodie revolution, the British Isles had their special treats.

(verification word: gremph -- which is about what I'm feeling right now)

JP said...

Joe: snow seems to be another word for "work from home today"

Carol Anne: alas the season for mince pies and Turkish delight is over for another year

Katicus said...

*guiltily scoffing down a piece of Turkish Delight*

When it was about 38 degrees yesterday I was dreaming about taking a running dive into that thick coating of snow - could you possibly send just a little of it Down Unda?

JP said...

Duck! Snow ball heading your way ;)