Sunday, January 03, 2010

Angry sailor gets lazy

The last two New Years has seen the BBC broadcast programs with a vaguely nautical theme with a name like Three Men in a Boat do Something involving Griff Rhys Jones and two of his friends.

Back in 2008 it was to race Griff Rhys Jones's classic yacht at Cowes, where he memorably got very angry. Last year it was to get to the Scilly Isles by a range of different types of boat. This year it was a gentle potter through Ireland.

And I mean really gentle. Less sedentary and more like brain dead. There was a strong feeling of the end of a line for a weak idea. It was so bad that I turned over to something else and I can't remember what. It was therefore less interesting than a totally forgettable program.

It wasn't the only script that could do with a bit of tightening. As might have mentioned it was the last Doctor Who with David Tennant, which if you follow these things you'll know was the end of an era.

But the I'm-about-to-regenerate scene went on like a death bed aria in an Italian opera.

If I had a hand in the script I would have made the Doctor have to make one last choice - who to see in the last minutes before he transforms. That would have made the emotional connection stronger and snappier.

And there can have been only one answer: not a character from any of the irritating spin-offs, not the grating on the nerves Catherine Tate, but surely it would be the national sweet heart that is Rose Tyler as played by Billy Piper.

I mean look at that warm smile as the snow softly falls:

Apart from that was it pretty good with at its heart a moving moral dilemma for the Doctor and Bernard Cribbins acting his socks off at age 81, lip wobbling with emotion.

Apologies to those that don't understand any of this. To those that do, can simply add:






Pat said...

Aaarh, sounds like a moderate case of winter holiday cabin fever.

Hang on; longer, warmer days are coming.

The Desert Sea

Anonymous said...


I watched 10 minutes of the 3 men thing and agree. Dull, dull, dull!

Sorry I was not able to get in touch about a beer at the Dukes Head. Family had be scheduled with all sorts of stuff. Never came up for air.


Chris Partridge said...

For me it was finally redeemed by a faultless display of oar clashing and general petulance when they tried to row a currach. Catch it on iPlayer - it's about five mins from the end.

JP said...

Pat - no, it was that bad. Ok, freezing conditions plus the return to work don't exactly help!

Adam - no problems! The days leading up to Christmas were very busy this end too. Next time.

Chris - I did actually look it up on iPlayer to get the screenshot used at the top of the blog post and caught some of that dodging rowing. But couldn't take it seriously as it seemed more staged than a Top Gear stunt.

Chris Partridge said...

You may be right, although I suspect the other two just wanted to show the Essex Welshman up. Can't be bothered to go back and review the scene though.