Friday, January 29, 2010

It's the peroxide tide!!

Oops, my bad, that should be proxigean tide (thanks Bonnie).

Basically it means the tide when the moon is full and near the Earth so its especially high or low. And guess what we see for the tide prediction for London Bridge:

Look! Zero height above chart datum, the so-called Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT)

A good time for mudlarks.


Tillerman said...

Definitely saw more of Spar Island (the sand bar in the middle of my bay) this afternoon at low tide than I have ever seen before.

Mike said...

If you want to know about ‘Mudlarks’ you should visit my club, the Chepstow and District Yacht Club on the Severn Estuary here in the UK.

We are expecting high waters of over 14.5 meters on Monday and Tuesday.

That is second only to the Bay of Fundy.

But like the Fundians we are used to having large tidal range.

It is very rare that any of us even think of going against the tide.


JP said...

Thanks for the tip Mike.

One of my must-dos is to see the Seven bore rush by - just in case they go ahead and build the tidal barrier!