Saturday, January 09, 2010

Britain under snow

This great satellite photo is Britain under a covering of snow that really seems to go from coast to coast.

Today I don't think even London was above freezing all day on top of which there is a viscous wind chill from the North East.

But I don't mind any of that as much as my frozen email!


Tillerman said...

I just hate those viscous wind chills too. They are so glutinous and flow so slowly around your face, so thick and sticky. Ugh.

PS. Sorry. Couldn't resist. Feel free to mock my next spelling mistake.

Anonymous said...

Captain JP,
That photo is amazing! How much snow fell? I'm in the metro Detroit area in Michigan, and we've had a relatively light snowfall this year - are largest was this past week, with maybe 3 or 4" total.

enjoy the snow and think warm thoughts!

cheers, my2fish

Anonymous said...

wow... apparently typos abound today.

I meant "our largest" NOT "are largest".

O Docker said...

Speaking of typos, that's an impressive photo.

Is it by Lord Snowd on ?

Carol Anne said...

That is an impressive photo. Current report from the area around Five O'Clock somewhere is that Heron Lake is beginning to freeze over but the ice isn't thick enough for ice fishing yet ... the area has enough snow for good snowmobiling, but the roads are reasonably clear.

JP said...

Tillerman: I'll think I'll leave that spelling mistake in to give your comment its full glory. Spelling has never been my strong point.

my2fish: in London under an inch but in some parts of Britain several feet. My sister lives near the Peak District and its been thick there for weeks now.

O'Docker: boom boom! :)

Carol Anne: is it thick enough for ice skating?

Carol Anne said...

Not yet.

Meanwhile, our ISP and the telecom company that supposedly provides services for it are apparently having another spat. There's no Internet access at home, so Pat and I are in a cafe that has Internet ...

Pat said...

Best bet for outdoor ice skating in NM right now would probably be the Los Alamos ice rink down in Omega Canyon (near where the nuclear reactor used to be and where one of the original Zambonis was once driven through a burning building) or the outdoor rink in Taos, New Mexico.

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