Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Skating at Somerset House

Its great when things go wrong in a way that makes things right.

Take today - I heard there was a nephews and nieces trip to go ice skating at Somerset House. Fab, except they have a timed ticket system and but when I got to the web site the time my brother had chosen was all sold out.

Oh bother. But decided might as well go for the previous slot as that way a) get a skate and b) get to see them in the handover.

Then my brother mysteriously discovered he had one spare ticket, so was able to head right back out onto the ice.

And why was this a particularly good thing? Well to be honest hadn't been on skates for a period of time measurable in decades so the first few minutes the first time round were to say the least wobbly.

But by the second go when the youngsters got out there their uncle was able to skate behind them, in front of them, give a steadying hand, race them, watch out for them and pick them up after the inevitable tumbles.

Then it was time for a quick mulled wine before heading off to our separate corners of London.



Ron Sheridan said...

Hello JP.
Found your log beautifully done and have added a link to it on 2 of my other sites; (our boat) and Motor Home). You already have a link to my CSYsailboats site.
Thanks, and keep up the fine work!

JP said...

Thanks - and nice ketch!

I'll add you to the list.

Kat said...

oooh, I'm horribly jealous - that would be such a beautiful place to skate! (although I'm terrible on skates - one of the shuffling obstacles for nippy young skaters to dodge and do laps around)

You must have scored lots of favourite uncle points!! :D

JP said...

Luckily scoring uncle points is one of my most favourite things to do :)

It was great - and I'm sure with a bit of practice we'd get you elegantly circling the ice!

Carol Anne said...

JP, you are the epitome of the Magic Uncle -- almost as indulgent as grandparents, but way more fun to be around. Keep up the good work!