Saturday, January 02, 2010

Work, Life, Clubs and Blogging

Along with looking back at the top posts of 2009, New Year's are also a time to look forward, hence the tradition of Resolutions.

Bonnie in the comments section mentioned one of hers is to get the work/life balance sorted while Tillerman is joining another club, this time to do some running.

Heck, I can't keep up with the clubs I'm a member of already. One problem with my work is it is rather unpredictable: this makes planning holidays hard as there is always the fear that something unexpected and urgent will turn up.

In theory having no constraints mean could take any time off but in practice that actually makes doing so harder. My brother with young family is limited by the school holidays, but that means he has no choice and so books far in advance.

So the one and only fixed water related activity for 2010 presently involves him - but it should be a grand bit of "messing about" so looking forward to that.

I'm impressed by those that are dedicated to one activity, whether kayaking, sailing or rowing, and do it week in week out, even through the colder months like now, but not enough to follow their example.

In fact the nearest thing to a resolution is to do some more writing, not blogging related.

It could get to be a busy year.


bowsprite said...

so, would commenting be under 'writing' or 'blogging'? happy, happy new year!

JP said...

Both blogging and commenting *definitely* count as writing

Happy New Year to you :)

Kat said...

Good for you - can't wait to open the first of JP's novels ;)

And a very happy New Year - hoping that it's full of adventures and great memories!

JP said...

Thanks Kat, and hope it is great for you too!