Monday, January 11, 2010

You've Not Got Mail - Day 16

Yes, its the latest blockbuster from Compuserve / AOL's WebMail, namely "You've NOT got mail", staring JP and from what can gather from Google it seems no one else.

Day 16 and the script is still stuck on "Mailbox not available due to temporary maintenance"



tillerman said...

Well I guess when Compuserve were left with only one remaining subscriber to their email service they just lost interest.

By the way Shopgirl says. "Hi!"

O Docker said...

After what you've been saying about Compuserve, how did you get a 'PG' rating?

Carol Anne said...

One thing I look forward to upon returning to work for a new term is a reliable (or at least more reliable) Internet connection. Everybody around here must think I'm a really hard worker because of the amount of time I spend at the office, but really, it's simply better than buying expensive coffee just to be able to surf the Net. (No, I don't go to the big chain coffee place; there's a local one that's much better, when I do have to get high-speed but am not at work.)

Meanwhile, there's a rumor that our cell-phone company is building a new tower near Five O'Clock Somewhere that will cover the neighborhood. If that's true, we'll soon be able to ditch both land-line telephones and also the dial-up Internet service in favor of wireless that works everywhere we regularly go.

michael bogoger said...

I believe that would be a "JP" rating. Not quite the same.

JP said...

Tillerman: can you ask shopgirl to email again, seem to have lost her message.

O'Docker & Michael: PG here does not stand for parental guidance but something else (imaginations on please)

Carol Anne: sounds good, join the wireless revolutions and escape the dial up nightmare