Wednesday, August 01, 2012

London Olympics: Sassi's spooky tips for Ben

Hi Guys!

Hello from Weymouth! Sassi's been watching the sailing and doesn't it go on and on and on! And our man Ben Ainslie isn't, like, scoring or anything - what's up there?

As today the Finn class is "on a break" (as Ross would put it) so there was time to get some expert advice and who better than fortune teller Zara (above) on the Weymouth sea front.

Having crossed her palm with silver I asked her the key question: how can I help Ben perform (if you know what I mean)?

Zara went into a mystical trance, swaying from side to side (a bit like techno night at Fabric) then she spoke in this weird voice.

"Beware a moon that is full!"

I defo got a chill at that.

"The man that sails must remember that time and tide wait for no one. Offshore with the tide, inshore against, search ever for back eddies!"

Didn't really get that, so I asked "you what?"

Then her eyes rolled back to normal and she said that'd be extra. As if!

So I left with those pearls of wisdom, whatever they mean.

Oops, gotta go, text from Buff saying he's been arrested - doh!

Luv ya

Sassi xxx


Towpath Tonya said...

Thanks for the fab update, Sass.

Only Madame Zara could make out all those daft numbers they use to score the sailing.

I swear, though - aven't seen Buff all day.

JP said...

Nope, Tonya, you wouldn't have seen Buff on land.

He's all at sea, alas!