Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Hurlingham Club

This is arguably the best address on the tidal Thames. It's the Hurlingham in Fulham, a private member's club based in this stately house on the banks of the River.

It goes back to Victorian era where it was founded as a place to shoot pigeons, and at its height hundreds would be blasted from the sky by the likes of the Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales.

It hosted the polo Olympics the first time the games were in London, way back in 1908 (we won - ok all three teams for some reason seemed to come from Britain). Now offers its well healed members some of London's best dinning and sporting facilities including tennis and croquet.

Back in September there was an open day in which non-members were shown round, but even then it was exclusive, with just the two tour times. It was very impressive, but I did feel it wasn't for the likes of me, which was just as well as the waiting list is estimated as 15 years.

But they keep a part of the river bank green and free from developers which is definitely a big plus.


Baydog said...

It looks like the White House. They don't shoot pigeons there, but they do pardon turkeys.

JP said...

Yes it does, doesn't it.

It's a lot cheaper to get into than the White House - at just over £ 3000 per year - and less exclusive with something like 15,000 members!

O Docker said...

Hurlingham must certainly be one of Britain's most celebrated venues for athletic competition.

JP said...

Indeed! That space, which is now a council park, is where the Hurlingham's polo fields used to be.