Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics: Bacon sandwiches and cold beers

It the event on the tall ship Maja there was of course a celebration of Denmark's food and drink, and appropriately they chose two favourites of sailors.

How many sailing trips of mine have started with a juicy bacon sandwich prepared in a cafe somewhere on the shores of the Solent? And how many have ended with a beer in some bar, from St. Lucia to Reykjavik?

So yes, there was bacon, prepared by a chef with beetroot, and also a bottle of ice cold beer, brewed and bottled especially for the Maja (see above).

Now that cold one did go down very well on a day when London glowed under a scorching summer sun.


Baydog said...

I'm looking forward to Tillerman's blog post regarding bacon. Is there a typical way the British make a 'juicy bacon sandwich'?

Tillerman said...

LOL Baydog. This post will certainly be used as evidence in my argument about the merits of crispy vs juicy bacon.

Baydog said...

Chewy, Tillerman, chewy

JP said...

Definitely juicy not chewy!