Monday, July 30, 2012

London Olympics: Star class - we woz robbed!

I can see I'm going to get no work done for the next two weeks.

The reason is that the sailing is can be streamed live or catchup on the web so you can follow every tack and gybe of key races like yesterday's Star class battle between Team GB (hurrah!) and Brazil.

It was so close and on the final part of the final downwind leg Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson surged into the lead and was all set to squeak across the line first.

It was a photo finish but alas the judges gave the 1st to Brazil with Team GB 0.00 seconds behind.

I call that a dead heat and joint first.



Anonymous said...

We were indeed robbed. But very British of us to give it to the visitors.

I'm just off to wax my moustache.

JP said...

I guess given how the other Star races have been going we can be magnanimous

There's been other close calls: the women's Eliot match race USA vs Australia yesterday was another photo finish that went to the Aussies (cue much celebrations)