Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics: London's Pride

Today London is the Olympics, the Olympics is London.

Everywhere you go there are events, on the tube and trains arrows point towards sports grounds, countless people with LOCOG badges or 2012 organiser t-shirts, camera crews, sports men and women, pavilions for each of the countries of the world, flags, costumes.....

Connecting everything together is an electric excitement, the knowledge that this is the moment, where it begins, where it happens, where the gaze of the world is focussed.

Welcome, everyone, to London: we hope you have a truly wonderful time here in our great city.


Baydog said...

When did Audi decide to add colors to their logo?

JP said...

I wonder if they did they would get sued by the Olympic Committee for breach of copyright.

I think the official supplier of cars to the Olympics BMW